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Everyone has something to say. We help you say it.

with one voice documentary


As documentary filmmakers, Highway 89 Media creates and produces educational and informational programs for passionate individuals and forward-thinking organizations, such as museums and non-profits.

These non-fiction films educate audiences about real people and important issues in a style appropriate for broadcast, streaming, or interactive digital display.

Eric Temple


The coolest thing about Highway 89 Media is that we like to share. Our knowledge. Our ideas. Our experience.

When telling a story, the storyteller must engage the audience and create a sense of emotion or connection. At Highway 89 Media, we accomplish this through the use of descriptive language, creative visuals, realistic dialog, perfect pacing, and beautiful sound. Our decades of storytelling experience have honed our ability to create compelling videos that make a powerful impact on the audience.

We research and develop ideas for documentary films,

including identifying potential subjects, researching and gathering information, and developing a proposal and treatment for the film. In addition, we offer other services such as consulting and training, creating a distribution strategy, assistance with distributing the film and managing rights, and follow-up with audience analytics.

Creative Development

Edward Abbey documentary