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What Does Documentary Production Company Do?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

A documentary production company, such as Highway 89 Media, is responsible for creating and producing documentaries, which are non-fiction films that aim to inform and educate audiences about real people, events, or issues. The specific tasks and responsibilities of a documentary production company may vary depending on the project, but generally, they include:

  1. Researching and developing ideas for documentary films: This includes identifying potential subjects, researching and gathering information, and developing a treatment or proposal for the film.

  2. Securing funding: This includes finding investors or grants to finance the production of the film.

  3. Hiring a film crew: This includes a director, camera operators, sound engineers, and other crew members to work on the film. Highway 89 Media has a long list of people with whom we work.

  4. Coordinating pre-production: This includes organizing logistics, such as scheduling, location scouting, and getting necessary permissions.

  5. Filming: This includes capturing footage of the subjects and events depicted in the film using cameras, sound equipment, and other production gear.

  6. Coordinating post-production: This includes editing the footage, adding sound and music, and creating visual effects.

  7. Distribution and Marketing: This includes promoting the documentary, distributing it to different channels like TV, streaming platforms and film festivals.

  8. Coordinating with legal department: This includes ensuring that all necessary permissions and releases have been obtained and that the film complies with legal requirements.

  9. Collaborating with other professionals: This includes working with writers, editors, and other professionals to create the final product.

In addition, documentary production companies also may offer other services such as consulting and training, help to distribute the films and manage the rights, and follow up with the impact of the films on audiences.

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