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Working With Non-Profits

As an avid supporter of non-profit organizations, I have found great joy in creating educational and fundraising videos for museums. Through my work, I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most esteemed museums in the country, including the

National Museum of the American Indian, the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History.

The National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to educating the public about the rich history and cultures of Indigenous peoples in North and South America. In creating a fundraising video for the museum, I flew to Atlanta to meet the actor Carrol O’Connor. (His wife was on the museum’s board.) He was filming a tv series there… In the Heat of the Night. I met him in his trailer and presented him with the script for the :30 second public service announcement. After he was finished shooting for the day, he turned his CBS crew over to me and I directed him delivering his lines to the camera. Later, I returned home to edit the spot on one of the first non-linear editing systems in the Washington, DC area. Not only was it exciting to work with such a famous actor, but being able to contribute my time and efforts to such a worthy cause was incredibly satisfying.

The National Aviation Hall of Fame is another institution close to my heart. As an aviation enthusiast, I was thrilled to create a fundraising video for the museum's planned new space, which was to reside next to the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. We managed to get Walter Cronkite to narrate the video, which was a thrill in itself. Later, as I walked through the new Hall of Fame, it made me proud that I had played a small part in getting the new museum funded. It is truly inspiring to walk amongst the men and women who made aviation history.

Right here in Utah, I have been working with the Utah Aviation Hall of Fame for the past six years making video biographies for each inductee. These short biographical documentaries, of which there are now thirty-five, are seen on kiosks in the museum and on the Utah Aviation Hall of Fame website.

The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History is a groundbreaking institution, dedicated to telling the story of African American history and culture in the United States. A friend of mine shot footage of African American country singer Charley Pride, who was donating memorabilia to the new museum. I was then tasked with writing the script and editing the video for them to show at the ceremony honoring Mr. Pride.

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating videos for museums and non-profits is knowing that my work is contributing to a larger cause. By helping to raise funds and awareness for these institutions, I am playing a small part in keeping these vital organizations alive and well.

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